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custom furniture marshfield mo

Custom Tables

Our tables are custom built with your ideas in mind. From stains and base options to size and height options, our tables are built with quality to last. From our family to yours...

custom furniture marshfield mo

Specialty Tables

Our table designs don't stop with dining tables! Whether you're looking for a custom live river edge table, coffee table, entryway table or more, we can design it with your ideas in mind!

custom furniture marshfield mo

Custom Furniture

Our custom furniture is made to order. Whether you need a bedside dresser for your guest room, or a special farmhouse style vanity for your bathroom, we can build quality, specialty furniture for any room in your home and office!

custom wood signs marshfield mo

Home Décor

Looking for custom décor for your home? We have it all. Whether you need something custom or you'd like to check out what we've already created, we have something for every room! Check out our Etsy Store for pre-made, quality home décor pieces.